Online Launch: Select “Publish Event Online” if you would like your event to appear on our website.

Add the date and the time when you would like your event to be published online.

Display Options: 

Private Event: Select this option if you do not want the event to be displayed on our website.

Note: If you select this option, the event will only be visible on your widget, on the Facebook application and by clicking on the direct link to the event. 

Show List of Attendees: Display buyers’ names on your event’s page. 

Custom URL: Create an address for your event so people can memorize it easily. By default, the URL will be a code made up of letters and numbers. 

Search Tools: Enter a few keywords related to your event in order to facilitate search engine hits.

Note: There is no need to use words that already appear in your event name (e.g. the name of the venue, artist or presenter).

Publishing: Select the content publishers with whom you would like to share the information regarding your events. For further information on this subject, see the “How to announce your event” section. 

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