Setting up payments

Getting paid payment processing: We collect payments for you. With your authorization, we can refund customers if problems occur. Funds are disbursed on the first working Monday following your event, either by bank transfer or by cheque. 

Receive payments directly by adding a merchant account: Use a payment gateway such as Stripe, PayPal, PayFlow, Converge (Elavon), Moneris, GlobalOnePay (Pivotal), Beanstream (Global Payments), etc. in order to receive the amounts earned through your ticket sales directly. Information regarding different merchant accounts can be found here: 

Transaction Fees

Rate: The transaction fee in accordance with your agreement with

Note: There are no transaction fees charged by if you use your own merchant account. You will be responsible for paying the transaction fees charged by your merchant account of choice.  

Who Pays Transaction Fees? 

  • Organizer: the transaction fee is included in the ticket price and will be invoiced to you following the event. 
  •     Attendees: The transaction fee is added to the service fee. Note that the transaction fee is calculated on the ticket price before service fees. 
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