Creating an exclusive rate

1. In the “Marketing” section, click on “Promotions”.

2. Click on “+ Create Promotion”.

3. In the “Information” section, select the language that your promotion will be   displayed in and give your promotion a name (the name will appear on your reports). If you wish, you may also assign an ID to your promotion. 

4. In the “Schedule” section, decide when your promotion will be applicable and enter the start and end date. 

5. In the “Promotion Type” section, select which type of discount you wish to apply.

Percentage: The percentage applies to the ticket price only, and not to the service fee. The transaction fee will be adjusted to the new ticket price. 

Discount: an amount subtracted from the ticket price or the price of the order.

Fixed Price: the price of the ticket changes and becomes the amount entered in “Fixed Price”. The fixed price applies only to each single ticket sold, and not to the entire order. 

  1. In the “Applicability” section, select the options that you wish to apply. 

Online Sales: Select if you would like the promotion to apply to online sales made through’s website, through a widget or a shopping cart embedded to your website, or through your Facebook page. 

Promotion Code Required: Important! The promotion will be applied automatically if this option is not selected. If you select “Promotion Code Required”, you may click on “Settings” to generate promotion codes or to create custom ones by entering letters or digits in the “Code” field. You can set a maximum number of uses to limit the use of each code. In the “Uses” field, you will be able to view how many times the code has been used. 

Offline Sales: Select this option if you would like the promotion to apply to sales made with the “Box Office” feature and in physical points of sale. Please note that promotion codes cannot be applied to offline orders. 

Apply discount to the value of each ticket: the percentage, fixed price or discount will be applied to each admissible ticket in the order. 

Apply discount to the value of the entire order: The percentage or discount will be applied to the entire order and not to each individual ticket. 

Min. tickets/order: Allows you to create “two for one” specials, or any other similar promotion, by setting a minimum number of tickets per order. If the minimum number is two or greater, you may then choose a combination of tickets.  

Combination: Three possible choices are offered here. 

Any combination of tickets: All tickets allow buyers to obtain the reduced price.

Different rates: To obtain the reduced price, the buyer’s order must contain tickets for the same event at different rates. For example, this allows you to create a discount for families by having adult and student rates that, when combined, yield a discount.

Different events: The discount may be applied once the buyer has added tickets for different events to their order. This allows you to create a discount for tickets to a whole theater season, for example.

Max. discounts/order: This setting allows you to apply the promotion to a certain number of tickets per order. Note: This setting can only be modified for promotions that apply to the value of each ticket. 

  1. Tick the boxes next to the events and the rates that you would like your promotion to apply to. 
  2. Click on “Save”.

Pro Tip: To validate your promotion, go to the “Box Office” feature to make sure that your promotion is applied correctly. You may also check out these examples of promotions on our blog. 

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